Take Control. Change the world. Get Rewarded.


P For Planet is the result of years of reflection and readings on how it would be possible to generate changes at a large scale and provide a true transparent meritocratic system for people to do the most good, notably inspired by people such as Peter Singer.

Thomas Judes started putting ideas together, in a rough form, going back 10 years ago.
In 2016, it became P For Planet, and Thomas presented to various people in Paris.
Juggling with his other jobs and passions, he travelled through UK (Oxford – Emerge Conference and London), Montreal and Amsterdam, to consult with some specialists and make connections for a future launch.

In Summer 2018, Thomas Judes and Ali Al Roumani met in Paris and, after having discussed it extensively, decided it was ripe to come back to life and truly launch.



37 years old – FOUNDER
. Civil Works Engineer ESTP (Paris)
. Master in European Business ESCP-EAP (London-Paris)
Founder of JUDES & COLLARD, a construction and architecture company.
Founder of SILMEA, an audio-visual company (Aphotic Zone…).
Founder of Hermes Lifestyle Management.
Writer (Genuine Victims, Chronicles of Kashgar…) and scenarist.

Passionate with Art and social subjects, Thomas is also a seasoned hiker (Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro…) and did some exploration trips (deserts crossing in Arabia, Greenland…).

After having launched different businesses in the past, he started writing books and stories in various formats, always with a social or environmental reflection.
His engaged writing, thirst for a better world for everyone, together with entrepreneurial outlook, led him to develop the principles of P For Planet back in 2016, with the concepts of Missions and Rewards.
After some years in London and in Normandy, he now lives in Paris 14th arrondissement where PFP has physically launched.



33 years old – CO-FOUNDER
BA Business Marketing (Arab international University) Damascus,Syria
Master of Filmmaking (London Film Academy) London,Uk
Founder of Falafel Project (NGO) in Damascus,Syria
TV Producer/Director

Born and raised in Damascus, Syria with an eye on the arts, Ali always wanted to be part of making a real difference and creating true positive impact on the world, started his first charity project ‘Falafel Project’ in summer of 2006 which ran for two years and was mentioned and recognized by forbes and Myspace.

In 2010, Ali moved to London to pursue his lifelong dream of studying Cinema which later lead him to work as a senior producer for one the middle east major TV station.
Currently residing in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, France.


Recruitment / Join us

We are currently looking for people wishing to join us and having the following qualifications:
  • A firm heart-anchored interest in social issues, environment protection, borderless unified world. People with skills and talents, wishing to apply these to a meaningful job.
    Both : Utopists ready to open new ways and change the course of events, and firm down-to-earth hard working cartesian realist women and men.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • strong project management skills and the ability to manage multiple projects and varied tasks in parallel.
  • You are an independent, entrepreneurial, passionate self-starter with a focus on delivery of excellence, are highly organized, details matter to you, and you enjoy working in cross-functional & international teams under tight and aggressive deadlines, because – like us – you understand that it will not be a walk in the park, and that changing the world is the ultimate “business”, the most interesting job, the one that requires skills and investment.
  • Your excellent verbal and written english communication skills (+/or another language) are shaped by international experience and a broad interest in other countries culture
  • Ability to operate in a high-energy, high-intensity and rapidly evolving environment.
  • We are particularly in need of skills such as the ones already underlined in the Missions:
    fundraiser, legal, developer, web designer, animator, community manager


Want to join? Contact us via the form or by email at:


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