Vision & Values

Take Control. Change the world. Get Rewarded.

P For Planet : Vision and Values


The Situation / Our proposition

Fed up with seeing plastic bags floating in the ocean, typhoons arising, heat waves, species being erased?
Pissed off with passing by beggars in the street and not knowing how to permanently help them. Unsure also about how your money would be employed by those you help or by some projects?

You think everyone should be entitled the universal inalienable right to have shelter, food, clean water and safety.
You believe poverty and inequalities should be outlawed, and that I’s not just a meaningless motto.That it’s inhumane, as much as it obviously fuels war and violence across the globe.


We, just like you, felt unable to change things.
Felt we ought to do a lot more than commenting on social networks.
Believed that up to a certain level, media or shared posts, were not any more a way of getting informed. They were engraving in us a state of despair, of shame, and were dwarfing us in front of all the challenges ahead.

So much that they were turning us into spectator of the world’s downfall and left us with a mix of anger and sadness, only few of us managed to convert into actual action.

The problem is not really that we don’t know what to do, or can’t get the right information: It’s the fact that we would like others to do it with us. Feel a movement. Feel the impact.
And that we also already have to juggle with scarcity of t
ime, money issues, job, activities, daily life problems…


We, at P For Planet, believe in the power of many, so to not matter just as scattered drops in the ocean, but as a massive rainfall covering the world with positive impact.
We trust we live an incredible era of opportunity, with powerful technologies we can use to interconnect each other, all countries united, to engage in action: social networks, cheap communications, AI, local and global initiatives…
We think that movements like “walking for the climate” should only be regarded as a first step of good intentioned humans, before a system allows us to actually take the giant leap that is required.

We also believe in a new social order where doing good should be rewarded, recognized and get applauded.
Having positive impact should be the common norm amongst all the people, and not the exceptions of some famous activists, nor of some unsung heroes doing their part.
If we truly believe in democracy and the long sung hope of “power given to the people”, surely we should not await for some new leaders to show us the way, put them on pedestals and make them as almighty as kings.
We should structure ourselves so that we reward the good people, from all countries and all walk of life and make it the new social contract.
A new paradigm.


P For Planet hopes to provide such as system. Such a platform. To link people with projects that they want to support, by giving their Time, sharing their Skills, or donating their Money.

P For Planet will put everything in place to structure and coordinate these Missions, creating links between citizens, facilitating communication, connections, networks… and rewarding all courageous citizens for doing good.

Unsure yet? Read more on the details of the CONCEPT
Or, if you already believe in us: STEP IN and join a MISSION



Our common Objectives

Our proposition then – should you choose to accept it – is to believe in us.
In all of us.
And start taking action towards the following interconnected goals we identified as top priority:
– Protection of Environment
– Eradication of Poverty
– Drastic reduction of Inequalities

But also:

– Relegate the antique concept of nationality behind the one of Citizen of the Planet (#CitizenP)
– Outlaw the very concept of war
– Increase Animal rights
– Fight against all sort of discrimination (age, colour, handicap…) etc…

These will be addressed by Citizens supporting Missions by providing resources (Time, Skills, Money) to carefully selected projects (from NGO’s, from CitizenP and from P For Planet’s own initiatives).

You can count on the absolute transparency on how we run P For Planet.

And, remember: PFP is, and will remain, non-politically affiliated, non-religious, non-nationalist.


Take Action. Change the world. Get Rewarded.



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